In the beginning, Seven Ocean mainly recycled HDPE and PC, and has invested huge on setting up the facilities and equipments. But due to the change on the market in Taiwan , the recyclable raw material was getting less and less in domestic.

2003,It built up a great relationship with the largest PVC recycling plant in Taiwan . Seven Ocean is responsible in importing and has built up a stable and smooth importing channel. A branch factory was then sat up in the Mainland China for cutting down the labor cost.

The spirit of Seven Ocean is to recycle safely and all of its business is undergoing follow its aim of protecting our Earth and the whole environment. Seven Ocean is continuously working on upgrading its recycling methods and learning new skills to improve its quality and decrease the prime cost in order to provide its customer a better service. In addition, Seven Ocean is hoping to help our society to have a finer recycling system in the future.

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